Perico’s Tacos & Burritos is one of the most trusted and best Mexican restaurants in Albuquerque. It’s a family-owned business that has operated since 1982, serving our loyal customers with delicious Mexican tacos and the best New Mexican food in Albuquerque. Perico’s Tacos & Burritos is also a popular taco shop with great, affordable taco deals.

Choose Your Taco Meat

You can make your own Mexican tacos at Perico’s Tacos & Burritos by choosing from a variety of meats. You might be in the mood for beef tacos today, then prefer shredded chicken tacos tomorrow. You might want a Mexican family meal that includes different kinds of tacos for variety. Your first taco could have carne con papas (beef and potatoes) and your second serving could be a fish taco. You can also crush these street tacos to instantly make some healthy taco salad.

Fish Taco Meals

You can buy fish tacos individually, in packs of six, or as part of a taco meal. Our fish tacos are made of fresh cod meat, only the best Mexican ingredients, and high-quality crunchy taco shells. Our Tacos Vera Cruz meal is such a good deal. Tacos Vera Cruz comes with not one but two fish tacos, rice, beans, salad, and a tortilla. One hungry individual can finish all of that alone, or you can split it for quick low carb snacks.

Taco and Enchilada Meals

Another great combo taco deal for a Mexican family meal to go is our Taco Enchilada Special. This is great if you’re craving Mexican food and want a burst of flavors and variety. The Taco Enchilada Special includes one taco, one enchilada, beans, rice salad, and a tortilla. You can also choose to order two tacos in this meal instead, or two enchiladas to go. Remember that you can always choose your taco meat!

Tacos for Delivery in Albuquerque

Want to shelter in place at home? Are you too tired or busy to go out and visit your nearest taco stand? Perico’s Tacos & Burritos offers Mexican food delivery through Grubhub, Postmates, or DoorDash. Ordering chicken tacos, fish tacos, and beef tacos for Mexican food delivery in Albuquerque has never been easier no matter where in the city you live. We have several Mexican restaurants around Albuquerque, NM for the ultimate convenience.

Six-Pack Tacos to Go

If you buy five Mexican tacos from Perico’s Tacos & Burritos, you get one free! Now that’s a great taco deal. We offer a six-pack of tacos on our menu, and you can opt for food delivery or curbside pickup. Don’t forget that you can customize your tacos. Mix fish tacos, beef tacos, chicken tacos, or papas con carne. Share a pack of six breakfast tacos among friends and family to save big time and start your day right!

Perico’s Tacos & Burritos

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